10.08.2016 Kim Wilde in

Leipzig - Leipziger Kultnacht


Thank you Kim and the Wilde Band for this Amazing night!




03.10.2015 KIM WILDE IN


it's such a long time ago we saw Kim live on stage, to busy working the last years... but it's always a pleasure to see her rocking the stage!




The first Concert with Kim we had this year were in Enshede (Netherlands) ... it was a beautiful day and we had the chance to met our Dutchy family ... Uh-may-ziing ... The Show was wonderful again and Kim was lovely like always ... always smiling...


Our 20th Concert in

Kopenhagen ... Thank you

Kim and thank you to the

fantastic band ... We love you

and can't wait to see you all

again in 2013 !!!


KIM :)


Okay... since March we were at 19th Kim Concerts all over Germany and Netherland and, and, and... where ever kim was, we also were there... Next month in Kopenhagen we celebrate our 20th Concert ... isn't it CRAZY? ... but it feels so good...

Concerts 2012:

  • Köln
  • Nürnberg
  • Bremerhaven
  • Hannover
  • Berlin
  • Dossenheim
  • Norderstedt
  • Kiel
  • München
  • Salzgitter
  • Hamburg
  • Lauf
  • Berlin
  • Budapest
  • Rottweil
  • Amsterdam
  • Erlangen
  • München
  • Stuttgart

= 25077 kilometers


Thanks to the KW band and to Kim for such an AMAZING year - We really Love you!!!

Kim Wilde in





WOW ... just WOW ...

Kim in Munich the


- THIS was the first concert where it was forbidden to take pictures!!! So it felt like a  Nena concert, because there it's the same :( ... what is the problem with just a few photos... arrrg... but it was a fantastic show like always ... oh and after the gig it was very embarassing for us... Ooops *cough*

When we drove to



ERLANGEN ... Omg and

we missed to shows, Paris

and amneville... but we were

tooo tired... the two shows

we saw were AMAZIIIIING like

always, we love you kim!! xxx

Another hard concert Marathon started ... Kim Wilde in


Berlin - 22.08.2012

, Budapest

(Hungary) -


23.08.2012 and


Rottweil -

25.08.2012 ...



It was a hard travel ... slept in the car ... We drove 2847 kilometers in just 4 days ... but we had such an AMAZING time, we will not miss one second of this Trip!

LAUF near Nürnberg

... it was a very hot

day again...

Rock'in the KW'S in Hamburg !




Hey peeps, here we're :) ... we have new pictures, because we rocked Salzgitter ... it was AMAZING ... like always! And we met Carsten, he also work for NENA and then we met him in Salzgitter... O_o ... we couldn't believe our eyes the first minutes ... so then enjoy our pictures!

Katrin & Michou

Our cheer up video :) for Kim, because of her Eye operation ... really hope it helped! :P

Kim in Munich


6hours waiting befor we had a hard run in the tent and then 50 degrees in the tent ... but we rocked the show more then before! It was amazing ... and after the gig, kim stopped the car again, but we haven't noticed it, so she waved and knocked together with Nick at the car window... Wow thank you :)

Kieler Woche -

Ostseekai  ...

Kim Wilde again up on the NDR stage ... and we ROCKED with her AGAIN :)

Schleswig-Holstein Tag in Norderstedt ...

We rocked Kim Wilde in the Front and we met her after the Show, because we stopped her car :)

KIM WILDE IN Dossenheim sur Zinsel (France) ...


2597 kilometers later :) but it was AWESOME :)

Snapshots and Greatest Hits Tour 2012


The Shirt we made for her :)

All our signed Stuff after the meeting at New Years Eve... OMG THANK YOU KIM  ♥♥♥♥♥♥


WOW ... what a meeting :) ... Thanks for Twitter to make this happen :) 
Michou (@Queen_Mim) was really missed at this meeting ... but Thanks to Kim, she signed a special Collage for her ... THANK YOU KIM , WE LOVE YOU - @Sweet_music_86 und @Queen_Mim ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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